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Movie Studio Bali - A movie studio in the middle of the jungle
Bali's first ever movie studio is located between rice fields in the midst of a rain forest. The idyllic spot lends wings to your imagination and encourages to create, write, and produce your movie ideas.
The top notch infrastructure and the warm climate afford the efficient and cost-effective production of feature films, short movies, commercials, corporate films and product shots.
The Movie Studio Bali offers in-house set design and construction, make-up artists, hair design, wigs, special effects (animatronics, prosthetics, dummies, body parts), as well as visual effects, 3D animation and design, and animated story boards.
We offer the following services:
  • Studio rental: 15m x 20m, 7m high
  • Green screen
  • Location scouting
  • Underwater pool
  • Production design
  • Set design & construction
  • Special effects: design and realization
  • Prosthetics (dummies & body parts)
  • Animatronics (mechanical monsters & puppets)
  • Digital 3D design
  • Animated story boards
  • Make up design
  • Special effects make up
  • Hair design & wigs

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