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About us

Rice fields and rainforest border Bali’s first and only movie studio. This idyllic spot has hosted international feature films, TV series, television commercials and corporate videos at competitive prices.

Top notch infrastructure, great weather and access to some of the world’s most stunning vistas – towering mountains, jungles, beaches, oceans, reefs and desert – coupled with iconic culture: Bali is truly an unforgettable filming location. 


Movie Studio Bali offers complete pre-production and production 



Whether you are planning a short film , commercial or a major blockbuster, Movie Studio Bali is ready to help bring your dream to the screen.


About Bali

The Island of the Gods: a tropical wonderland that has been consistently voted the world’s number one island destination. Bali’s almost year round good weather allows ample opportunity for stunning exterior shoots. Bali boasts striking landscapes from award winning tourist hotspots through to beaches, jungles, cliff tops, mountains, surf breaks, coral reefs and deserts. It is also a thriving art & cultural centre with excellent logistical support, air links and accommodation to suit any budget. Bali is also the transport hub to Indonesia’s thousands of other incredible islands.

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